Translation & Writing

Needles and Opium © Nicola-Frank Vachon

Jenny Montgomery did the English translation of the new version of Robert Lepage’s Needles and Opium. She also did the English translation for The Library at Night, a virtual-reality project by Alberto Manguel and Robert Lepage.

Her translation clients include the National Film Board of Canada (Roxham), Ex Machina, Le Diamant, L’ArtèrePhoto Life magazine, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Université du Québec à Montréal, and other artistic companies and individual artists (theatre, dance and photography).

She has written four plays: Déraciné, created from interviews with immigrants and Québécois; When All Other Lights Go Out, created from interviews conducted with twenty Chicagoland survivors of seven different genocides; Stain, an adaptation of Euripides’ The Children of Herakles interwoven with text from interviews with refugees from Darfur; and Raining Season, created from interviews with five survivors of three genocides.

Her article “Living in the In-Between” was published in cultural diversity and the stage. She is the deputy editor of and a regular writer for Photo Life magazine.

April/May 2018 issue of Photo Life magazine