Les Aiguilles et l’opium

de Robert Lepage
traduction vers anglais par Jenny Montgomery

La première de la nouvelle version anglaise de Les aiguilles et l’opium (Needles and Opium), de Robert Lepage, s’est tenue en novembre 2013 au Canadian Stage, à Toronto. La pièce sera en tournée pendant les prochaines années.


“In addition to premiering a new English language translation, the 2013 revival introduced new scenography and acrobat, Robertson. Since its debut at Canadian Stage, the English version of Needles and Opium has mesmerised audiences worldwide.”
Broadwayworld.com Toronto

“One good reason to see Robert Lepage’s Needles and Opium, now at the Bluma Appel Theatre: it’s a masterpiece.”
Toronto Star

“Having originally debuted during the NAC’s French theatre’s 1991-92 season, the rewrite of this two-decade-old masterpiece is extraordinary.  From its brilliant set to impressive acting to the great translation by Jenny Montgomery, this performance is nothing short of fantastic.”

“…this revamped, restyled version is theatrical magic.”
Toronto Star

“But it’s Lepage’s examination of the human heart, his ability to turn heartbreak into a visual and aural metaphors that resonate that is most affecting.”
The Globe and Mail

“The play, translated by Jenny Montgomery and directed by the playwright, is a rewrite of the show which debuted in the NAC French theatre’s 1991-92 season as Les Aiguilles et l’opium (Lepage was artistic director of the NAC’s French theatre at the time and performed in the original one-person show). The new show is technically astounding, often very funny, and, this being Lepage, theatrical as all get out.”
Le cercle des critics de la capitale

“Robert Lepage’s new production of Needles and Opium is a brilliantly inventive, exquisitely beautiful work of theatre art.”
Stage Door

© Nicola-Frank Vachon